Hiking Sinanitsa hut and peak


75.00 лв.

Hiking Sinanitsa hut and peak

Day 1 - Travelling 14km. From Bansko to Vihren hut-1950m., hiking(5-6 hours) to Sinanitsa hut-2185m. passing through Spano pole and Muratovo lake

Day 2 - Hiking (5-6 hours) Sinanitsa peak-2516m.(at will), Sinanitsa gate and Vihren Hut-1950m. through Spano pole and Muratovo lake. Travelling back to Bansko.

Price includes: Transport, Accomodation and guide

Feed possibilities: Every hut offers breakfast, lunch and dinner against payment. Clients can enshure their feed by themselves at their own free will.

This mountain track has a length of 7500 meters, lowest point 1,950 meters, highest point 2516 meters. The first kilometer of the hike is with small slope and it is ideal for preparing the body for the upcoming activity. Up next climbing to Muratovo lake, with a magnificent view of Banderitsa valley and the peaks of Todorka. The short break is followed by the most difficult part of the hike, climbing to Banderitsa gate. This is the place separating Baneditsa and Spanopole valley and the view from there makes people feels as masters of the world. Hike continues in Spanopole valley where the relief is pretty because there are no steep parts and magnificent view. Sinanitsa Gate is the next interesting place separating Spanopole and Sinanitsa valley. There is Sinanitsa peak with its notorious rocky formations that change their color at a different time of the day. So the first day of the trail ends with reaching Sinanitsa hut.
After some rest , delicious dinner, overnight and breakfast the hike offers two options for reaching back Vihren hut. The first is the route back from the first day and the second is climbing to Sinanitsa and Momin peak, reaching Sinanishka gate and again back on the route from day one. The hike to these two peaks is extremely enjoyable experience with a great view, but it is suitable for well-trained people, so not only the clients choose this option, but the gude have to decide if the physical condition of the group is good enough.