Excursion Bansko - Melnik - Rozhen Monastery


39.00 лв.

Excursion Bansko - Melnik - Rozhen Monastery

Departure at 8:00 AM from Bansko to Melnik.

Visit Melnik and leisure.

Melnik is situated at the southwestern foot of the Pirin Mountain. Located in a picturesque area of 437 m above sea level. Melnik is a town museum, the smallest town in Bulgaria. Entering the town and falling in the past though - narrow streets, stone paths and carts pulled by horses , garbage barrels of wine, picturesque houses with tiled roofs. It is a quiet and peaceful town.

Visit Rozhen Monastery.

The monastery is the largest Orthodox monastery in the Pirin region. The monastery has been well preserved till today, the monastery looks like a medieval fortress in the garden grows the grapes and in the middle is the church "Virgin Birth."

Price includes: transport, visit Melnik and Rozhen Monastery


Trip Highlights

Red wine which you can try here will make you suspect that the true wine can only be found in France. Melnik wine has a rich taste and aroma. Wineries Melnik houses are known far beyond Bulgaria and this is not accidental, because this wine is developing for hundreds of years and its secrets have been passed down from generation to generation. Climate of Melnik is suitable for growing different varieties of grapes, one of the unique  is "Broad Melnishka"

Places to visit
Pashova house (historical museum)
Kordopulova house(wine making museum)
Pyramids of Melnik